How it works

2. We drive as many customers as possible to the website.

3. Customers browse the site looking for their ideal properties.

What information is shown about your property?

All property adverts display the following information:

Full Property Descriptionsyes
Key Property facts & featuresyes
Availability calendar and/or pricesyes
Contact details displayedyes
Property linkyes
No commission chargesyes

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When are credits used?

A credit is used when a customer requests to see your phone number, sends you a message or visits your website. A customer will only use 1 credit per property over a 24 hour period.

For example if the customer visits your website at 6pm 1 credit is used. If they then send you a message at 6:30pm the same night or visit your website again at 7:15pm the same night or at 9.30am the following morning, no more credits are used by this customer, providing they are using the same computer.

What is a customer?

A customer is an individual (based on ip address) who visits the website in any given 24 hour period. A customer only uses 1 credit per property over this time period.

Need more answers? Got more questions? Want to suggest improvements?

We are always keen to ensure the finest service for both our owners and their customers. If you require any further information about advertising your property with, please contact our customer services team.