Credit Pack Charges runs on a pay per action system. Each time a customer wants to make contact with you, 1 credit is used. You can buy bundles in whatever size works for you. You can spend a few pounds to try us out, or you can make big savings by buying a bumper pack.

Why don't you charge a flat fee?

We want to make things as fair as possible for all our owners. Using a pay per action system means you only pay for the traffic you get.

How many credits will I use each month?

It depends on a number of factors for example, how popular the area is or how many other properties there are in the area. You can always buy more credits if you need them.

How can I make best use of my credits?

The more information you put on the site about your property, for example availability information, up to date photos etc, the more likely it is that someone contacting you will be a hot lead rather than someone asking more questions.

What happens if I run out of credits?

If you run out of credits your property will be temporarily suspended, no information will be lost. We will let you know via email that you have run out of credits, you can top them up and your property advert will be set live.

Need more answers? Got more questions? Want to suggest improvements?

We are always keen to ensure the finest service for both our owners and their customers. If you require any further information about advertising your property with, please contact our customer services team.