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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions when purchasing an advert on

1.0 Adding your Property

1.1 How do I get my holiday property on the website?

Adding your property to is really simple. Just go to the join page and follow the 3 easy steps to organise an advertisement:

  1. First decide on the superb value for money credit pack you wish to purchase, all of which have the same level of excellent promotional features.
  2. Complete some basic owner details.
  3. Make your payment using our payment provider

Once the payment process is complete we will email you with the information needed to access the owner's area of the website. You can then start constructing and updating your advert straightaway.

(Please note we cannot provide advertisements for hotels or bed and breakfast residences.)

1.2 How can I pay for my advert?

Payment can only be made online, using a credit or debit card via our payment provider, Rest assured that your details will remain secure and confidential at all times. The booking form will automatically calculate the amount owing, including VAT and any discount you are entitled to, and will then transfer you to our secure payment area.

1.3 How quickly do you add my page to the website?

Once you have completed your property details we will review your advert within 72 hours - this is just to ensure that no vital information is missing. Once this is done we will activate your advertisement and your property will be comprehensively promoted on If you prefer to send us photographs by post or email, rather than downloading the images directly onto the site, please be aware that it may take a little longer for photos to be added to your entry.

1.4 Can I advertise more than 1 property?

You can have multiple properties under 1 account. You can setup one main property with additional units. This is for where you have multiple properties at the same location.
Alternatively you can have multiple properties in different locations with different addresses.
In both cases the properties will share the same credit pack.

2.0 Charges and Credits

2.1 Do you charge any booking commission or booking fees?

Once you have purchased your credits there are no booking fees and no commission charges. If a customer wishes to make a booking enquiry we put them in direct contact with you.

2.2 When are credits used?

Credits are used when a visitor to requsts to see your telephone number, to send you an email or visits your website. You may purchase additional photos for your property using credits as well.

2.3 What happens when my credits run out?

If your credit balance drops to a low level we will send you several emails warning you. If you do not purchcase additional credits and your balance ends up at zero we will temporarily suspend your property, again we will inform you by email that this as happened. As soon as you purchase additional credits your property will be reset live.

2.4 Can I share credits between properties?

If you have multiple properties under the same acccount you can share the credits between them.

2.5 How long are credits valid for?

Credits are valid for the period of at least one year.

2.6 Can I see how my credits are used?

Usage of your credits can be viewed in the owners area 24 hours a day in real time.

3.0 Availability Calendar

3.1 How do I update the availability calendar?

The rates and availability calendar within your advert can be updated quickly and easily via the owner area. To update the rates you just select a start date and end date, and then enter the required rate - it's that simple.
To set availability criteria, just enter the start date and the end date, and select whether the property is available or unavailable.

3.2 What should I do if I have my own availability calendar?

It is not a problem if you prefer not to use our availability calendar. Within the owners area you just need to select the 'do not display availability calendar' option. This will ensure that a table of rates will be displayed on your advert instead of the calendar tool.

3.3 The availability calendar is great, can I use it on my website?

Advertisers are very welcome to use the availability calendar to enhance their own websites, and to make managing their property even more efficient. In the owners area just click on the 'add calendar to website' link and the required code will be displayed.

4.0 Updating Advert

4.1. How can I amend my advert?

One of the great things about online advertising is the ability to update your information quickly and easily, without delay. You are in complete control of the details provided for your property; if you want to tweak something, you simply tweak it, and the changes will be made instantly to your advert.

4.2. Can you write my property description for me if I give you basic details?

Unfortunately we can only work with the information we are given. We will be pleased to correct spelling and grammar if necessary, but we leave it to you to provide an accurate description of your property. Please remember that there are laws governing the provision of misleading advertising information, so you should always resist the temptation to be too 'creative' when writing your descriptions!

4.3. How many photos can I have?

Each advert can automatically include up to 8 photos per property. If you would like to add additional photos you can; these can be purchased within the owners area of the website.

4.4. How do I get a photo of my property on the website?

Photographs can be sent to us using any of the following methods:

  1. Uploading: This is very simple to do - just select the photo on your computer and add it to the advert. Please note that the photo needs to be in the correct format to enable you to do this.
  2. Email: If you have a digital photo, but are unsure whether it is in a suitable format for online reproduction, information will be provided on how to e-mail it to us once you have signed up.
  3. By post: If you do not have digital versions of your photos you can send hard copies of them to us by post. Full details on how to do this is also given upon sign-up completion.

5.0 Property Listings

5.1 How are properties organised on

Properties on the site are organised firstly by area and then by number of rooms. When first clicking on a location (e.g. Kent) visitors immediately see a list of all the 2 bedroom properties, listed in alphabetical order. Links at the top of the page give access to cottages with a larger or smaller number of bedrooms, meaning that users can quickly select the properties that are most relevant to their requirements. We are constantly improving the site, to ensure that visitors are provided with the very best ways in which to locate properties, and thus ensuring that owners also have the maximum useful exposure for their property.

5.2 Can my property be listed under multiple bedrooms?

Properties can only appear once under a bedroom category on the static pages of the website (i.e. a 3 bedroom cottage can only be listed under 3 bedrooms). This is to ensure the most relevant selection results for visitors browsing the static website pages. Once visitors start using the search facilities on the website they have the additional flexibility of including a range of bedrooms numbers in their searches.

Need more answers? Got more questions? Want to suggest improvements?

We are always keen to ensure the finest service for both our owners and their customers. If you require any further information about advertising your property with, please contact our customer services team.